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Karimah Hassan is a London based artist, whose paintings translate across spatial mediums - from canvas to the street. Known for her expressive, bold aesthetic, her work highlights cultural identity, and the role of communities in the city. Karimah has exhibited her work internationally, in New York, Kyoto, Toronto and Seoul.

“I believe it’s important to shine a light on the few places in this city where we can come together, without agendas or motives, to just be, create and inspire.”

Karimah is on an on-going mission to document London’s emerging DIY communities. From music venues, to poetry nights and super clubs, Karimah has been working with creative communities across London, painting the people responsible for overcoming the stigma of feeling alone in the big city.

Exhibition History

-2019 - Unit 31 “Moving to True North” London, UK.

-2018 – Con Artist Gallery “Residence Showcase” New York City, NY. USA.
-2018 – Con Artist Gallery “Residence Showcase” New York City, NY. USA.
-2018 – SK Artspace Gallery“The Future is Female” Brooklyn, NY. USA.
-2018 – Chinatown Soup Gallery“Cooties Collective” New York City, NY. USA.
-2018 – Con Artist Gallery “Abstraction” New York City, NY. USA.
-2018 – Iang Gallery “Contemporary International Ink Design” Seoul, S. Korea.
-2017 – The Black and White building “Creative Debuts  - Emerging Artists” London, UK.
-2016 – Royal College of Art “Mediations - Art and Design Agency” London, UK.
-2016 – Beijing Industrial Design Centre “Beijing Design Week, International Exhibition of Ink Painting” Beijing, China.
-2015 – Aqua Gallery “International showcase Kyoto University of Art & Design” Kyoto, Japan.


-‘Patiently Praying’ & ‘Crouching Figure’. Private Art Gallery. SK Artspace, Brooklyn, NY, USA. Consignment 2018.
-‘The Gatekeeper’ & ‘If I’ve Got You Life is Going to be OK’. Private Collection. New York City, NY, USA. Acquired 2018.
-‘A Tale of Scumdidlyuptious Events’. Public Art Display. Morgan Arcade, Cardiff UK. Donated 2017.

Artist Residencies

-2018 – Artscape Gibraltar Point, Toronto, ON, Canada.
-2018 – Con-Artist Gallery, New York, NY, USA.
-2017 – Full Capacity Design, Prague, Czech Republic.

Member of the Following Organizations:

-Con-Artist Collective, New York. Joined 2018
-Booooooom. Joined 2018
-Female Narratives, London. Joined 2017

Karimah Hassan