Comissioned Murals
London, Torono, New York
Street Art
2018 - 2019

From story to the canvas to the city: These images represent the final step in a process that I’ve developed to take an art project full circle, from being inspired by the people I meet on the street to eventually finding a permanent home in the street.

It goes a bit like this – I find my way, somehow, into a new community. The figures I paint are inspired by the people I meet in the street/ at life drawing sessions or in dance classes. The early sketches that I make form the backbone of my paintings.

Working from a studio, I develop those sketches into larger paintings. These

paintings eventually find their way in a gallery and provide the financial support I need for the next stage of the project.

I use the money generated from selling the ‘fine-art’ paintings, to finance free public murals/ displays. I partner up with a local business and offer my service - I go through my sketches and partner a person’s narrative to that particular location.

As an act of respect – the people’s faces, and names remain anonymous.

Karimah Hassan