Crxss Platfxrm Commission
Copeland Gallery, London
Live Painting

This autumn we sat down as part of an online series The Culture’ to get an amazing insight into her creative mind which blew me away.
We also collaborated on a new work cross-pollinating fine art and dance to create an immersive performance art piece at NSF CRXSS PLATFXRM festival in Peckham which was supported by Arts Council England, NSF Group and the infamous Nike.

Karimah’s courageous approach to her work is something that is really exciting and something that myself and CRXSS PLATFXRM believe in and will continue to support.

Interview & Painting Series
Follow in Real Time

Strangers In My Blood

The Yearbook

Take part, read the reactions and see how this project unfolds.

This is what a year of asking Londoners ‘how are you feeling’ can look like.

Noname: “Empty kinder wrappers,
You pic n mix my emotions,
A hopeful romantic...”


“I feel tired. I feel overwhelmed. I feel small. I feel confused...”

Johnny on the tube:
“Honestly, I’ve got a banging headache. Spiritually I feel balanced...”

Faisa:I’m feeling grateful. Gratitude 🙏🏾”
Fatima: “Dear London,
I knocked your door during the storm, And you embraced me...”

Jules: “Right now I feel like I’m floating in a swimming pool. You know when you have that ten seconds...”


Comissioned Murals
London, Torono, New York
Street Art
2018 - 2019

From story to the canvas to the city: These images represent the final step in a process that I’ve developed to take an art project full circle, from being inspired by the people I meet on the street to eventually finding a permanent home in the street.

It goes a bit like this – I find my way, somehow, into a new community. The figures I paint are inspired by the people I meet in the street/ at life drawing sessions or in dance classes. The early sketches that I make form the backbone of my paintings.

Working from a studio, I develop those sketches into larger paintings. These

paintings eventually find their way in a gallery and provide the financial support I need for the next stage of the project.

I use the money generated from selling the ‘fine-art’ paintings, to finance free public murals/ displays. I partner up with a local business and offer my service - I go through my sketches and partner a person’s narrative to that particular location.

As an act of respect – the people’s faces, and names remain anonymous.

Karimah Hassan